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Let loose on an unsuspecting Austin for SXSW.




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8 August 14

Thought via Path

Local police says stealing golf cart driving on baseball field mid-game would carry criminal mischief. Keys are in ignition. Temptation. +99 – Read on Path.

21 July 14
Glad to see the tech industry is rebounding. at OSCON 2014 – View on Path.

Glad to see the tech industry is rebounding. at OSCON 2014 – View on Path.

16 May 14

Thought via Path

Reason #295 why I love @virgin Airlines: Their safety pre-flight presentation is done as a hip-hop video. – Read on Path.

19 March 10
2 April 09

Streets and Music of Sxsw on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

23 March 09

Joe Jack Talcum

22 March 09

SXSW Night #4: Band Review

Rollo Tomasi @ Latitude 30

Lurple says:

Only caught one song. Very loud, screaming metal with a female singer (screamer?).

Sky Larkin @ Latitude 30

Lurple says:

They started their set by explaining that they had “shit out their livers last night”. The lead singer/guitarist has a forgettable voice and their sound is a bit sloppy. I’d probably have more fun drinking with them than listening to them.

Andre Williams @ The Continental Club

Andre Williams GoGo Dancer

Lurple says:

Old-school rock ‘n roll and blues. From the lead singer’s snazzy red suit and hat to the be-tasseled and underdressed go-go dancers, you can tell that these folks believe that sex, drugs, booze, and rock ‘n roll are the way to go. After watching them, I’m pretty sure they’re not wrong. If you don’t enjoy this show, I’m not sure you like live music.

Dash Rip Rock @ The Continental Club

Dash Rip Rock Dash Rip Rock

Maura says:

I <3 Dash Rip Rock.

Mojo Nixon @ The Continental Club

Mojo Nixon

Lurple says:

I’ve been to SXSW numerous times but always missed Mojo’s bash. It was nice to see that Mojo and the Toadlickers had “come out of retirement to get drunk.”, in their own words. If are easily offended you may dislike Mojo Nixon, but there’s no denying that the man can be entertaining. He’s got charisma to burn and his act is a lot of fun to watch.

Stereopony @ Japan Nite at the Elysium

Stereopony Stereopony

Special Thanks @ Japan Nite at the Elysium

Special Thanks

Alaska in Winter @ Submerged

Alaska in Winter

The Resignators @ Fuze

The Resignators

StickyC says:

Fuze must be a salsa/hip hop joint when it’s not SXSW as door security was extremeley heavy (pat-downs) and there were a lot of lost-looking folks in way too much makeup and hair product. Only a dozen or so people looked like they’d actually come to see a ska gig (and had a great time dancing unmolested in the front). The Resignators are astraight up ska from Melbourne, they were trying hard, but just didnt quite get into a groove. The crowd sucked the life right out of ‘em. I imagine they were also pretty jet-lagged.

Asakusa Jinta @ Japan Nite at the Elysium

Asakusa Jinta Asakusa Jinta

Lurple says:

These folks are pretty unique- a hard marching bad. Lots of brass instruments- French horn, trumpets, plus a clarinet and some kind of custom bass or cello looking thing. Very fast paced, and the leader singer used his machine-gun vocals and the band’s skilled backing to pound out some rocking tunes and even a rock polka. It was an electric performance. I believe it’s a sign that the performance is good if I find that I’m really into the show even though it’s not a kind of music I’d usually listen to.

Quaff @ at Japan Nite at the Elysium


Lurple says:

Theatrical and partially made up like KISS or Detroit Metal City, but they’ve got a tight technical sound to back up their theatrics. Good upbeat rock ‘n roll. They covered Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” towards the end of their set, and the entire band moonwalked simultaneously. The crowd ate it up.

StickyC says:

Reminded me of a lot of almost-made-it 80’s ultra-big hair metal bands with a whole lot of Aquabats-esq stage antics and back-story, made even better by their minimal English skills (to their credit, they had on-stage subtitles for some of their bits. A definite crowd-pleaser.
Posted: 6:48 PM

Saturday’s Band Lust

  • Rollo Tomasi @ Latitude 30
  • Sky Larkin @ Latitude 30
  • Andre Williams w/ the Allen Oldies Band @ the Continental Club
  • Dash Rip Rock @ the Continental Club
  • Mojo Nixon @ the Continental Club
  • Stereopony @ Elysium
  • SpecialThanks @ Elysium
  • Ezra Firman & the Harpoons @ Submerged
  • Alaska in Winter @ Submerged
  • The Resignators @ Fuze
  • Asakusa Jinta @ Elysium
  • Quaff @ Elysium
21 March 09

SXSW Night #3: Band Review

My Latest Novel @ Latitude 30

My Last Novel

Lurple says:

Generic British folk/pop with a violin. Low-key and bland. Nothing you haven’t heard 100 times before. They’re technically sound there’s nothing wrong with their music, but I’m not inspired to write any more about their music, or seek it out.
They looked like they’d been awake for days, and I can empathize with that.

Shiny Toy Guns @ Bat Bar at the Convention Center

StickyC says:

Just like all the other recent cookie cutter pop bands. The twist on this McBand was the stand-out female vocal contributions. Also, they need to sue DirecTV for having such a miserable sound mix for such a “professional” presentation. I guess if it sounds good on TV, that’s what counts.

Hammell on Trial @ Soho Lounge

Hammell on Trial

Lurple says:

Solo performer that does half standup/ half guitar and song. Very funny, personable, and vulgar. Some of them are really vulgar, but they’re still very funny.
He reminds me of Shel Silverstein’s more adult work, perhaps combined with a bit of George Carlin. As the man himself said, “I drove 1,800 miles to get here, you don’t think I’m gonna kick some ass?” Good stuff.

Dirty Old Men @ Elysium’s Japan Nite

Dirty Old Men

Lurple says:

Pop/punk group tending towards pop, but usually not as sappy as your generic j-pop. They did have some sappy bits in a song or two, though.
More enthusiastic than skilled; the longer they played the less I liked them.

Honeysac @ Elysium’s Japan Nite

Honey Sac Honey Sac

StickyC says:

Very high energy mainly female Japanese hard rock. Their first gig in the US and they grabbed the Texas bull by the horns and ran with it. They had all the prime pop ingredients, but very abrupt transitions (both in audience participation and key changes).

Lurple says:

REALLY high energy pop/rock girl band. The lead singer exhorted… nay, demanded that the crowd clap, hop, and sing along. Most of the crowd responded but I think these girls would have given it 100% even if only 3 people showed up.
Very charismatic and talented lead singer, and the rest of the band is really skilled too. Fun, upbeat, and hard working. I fully expect one of their songs to end up as an anime theme (which is not an insult-there are some very cool anime theme songs).

The Urges @ Red Eyed Fly

StickyC says:

Freaking amazing. Maybe the new #1 of the gig. Very early Byrds with a completely wrecked early (pre tights) Mick Jagger. Best quote of that gig “I wrote this song so I could get a big prick in my arse”. Great intensity and competence. If the British Invasion starts over again, these guys will be kicking the balls of anyone who gets in the way.

Grapevine @ Elysium’s Japan Nite

StickyC says:

Channeling a slight (very tiny) bit of Stone Roses twinkly bits but with more wailing vocals and half-as-long jams. Mix in a bit of Styx + INXS + late-era-slower-Cheap Trick and smack it with the generic pop hammer and you’ve got Grapevine. In Japanese.

Detroit 7 @ Elysium’s Japan Nite

Detroit 7 Detroit 7

Lurple says:

Wow. This trio- guitarist/lead singer, drummer, and bass rocked! One of the most technically impressive bands I’ve seen, skill-wise, and they give it their all. I wasn’t sure if I liked the singer at first- she has a bit of a low, growly voice. When she opens up and really sings, she’s great.
The drummer plays like she’s having a seizure but she’s also really, really good. The bass player would only be called layed-back in comparison to the other two, since the whole band plays like they’re possessed.
Music ranged from good ‘ol fashioned rock ‘n roll to metal, and a mosh pit broke out at one point. Highly recommended.
20 March 09

Friday’s Band List

  • Gabriella Gilmi @ Bush Square Park (Aussie BBQ)
  • My Latest Novel @ Latitude 30 (British Music Embassy)
  • Shiny Toy Guns @ Bat Bar-Austin Convention Center (Craig, StickyC, Maura)
  • Hammell on Trial @ Soho Lounge (Keite, Lurple)
  • Whitechapel @ The Cedar Door (Craig)
  • Proclaimers @ La Zona Rosa (Craig)
  • Killola @ Smokin’ Music (Keite, Craig)
  • Dirty Old Men @ Elysium (StickyC, Maura, Lurple)
  • Honeysac @ Elysium (StickyC, Maura, Lurple)
  • The Urges  @ Red Eyed Fly (StickyC)
  • Grapevine @ Elysium (StickyC, Keite)
  • Devo @ Austin Music Hall (Craig)
  • Detroit 7 @ Elysium (StickyC, Keite, Lurple)
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